Diagnose is in: I have prom queen syndrome

And I fall in love with the impossible.

And I like the challenge, but for once I’d like to lose this one.




I was spoiled this weekend. I liked it too much. I hope I one day will be permanently spoiled. Everything’s always gotta be a secret.


Proud of myself


School.Internship.2 Jobs.Ad 2.Freelancing.Friendship.

I’m kicking ass and taking names!



Ever have that moment where you look at someone and realize just how grown-up you are and from here on out life’s just going to continue to get harder …

It’s the worst at night. Good lord I would trade anything for these feelings to disappear. And you have no idea because you refuse to let yourself fall. Sometimes that’s the scariest part-just letting go with no plan. Completely different places and wrong timing. If it was anything more… than I am a fool.

Just look forward and pray to be stronger next time. And take a deep breath; everything happens for a reason. In the mean time, just.keep.going.

Today I smiled more than lately.

Today I saw the end of the dark tunnel.

Today I felt alive.

Today I didn’t worry.

Today  was a beautiful plain day.

Today I felt like me.

I really missed me.

“your a beautiful girl that has a bright future, and will make a wonderful wife and stud lil kids for your family lol”

I hope to reach that goal one day soon.